The CareGivers never charges for any of our services, nor do we bill any insurance company, the state or any other sources for reimbursement for services we provide. As a grassroots organization, we rely heavily on the generosity of others to keep our programs going and growing. When you invest in The CareGivers, you are investing in the independence of many of your neighbors. You can be assured that your generosity will provide our clients with rides to have their medical needs taken care of, to have a well-stocked pantry in their homes, and peace of mind that we are there to assist when they need it most.

Ways to Give

The future of The CareGivers depends in part upon the generosity of those who share our mission and commitment. Please consider supporting our efforts to provide services to your neighbors, family and friends.


Any gift of cash, real estate, art and antique, and public and private securities can be contributed with full legal allowances for charitable income-tax deductions. You may send us your gift or please contact us if you have any questions.

Gifts by Bequest

Gifts to The CareGivers by bequest may be included in a new will or added to an existing will. Your bequest can allow charitable deductions that reduce your taxable estate. Further information may be obtained by contacting us in the strictest confidence.

Income Producing Gifts

It is possible to make a gift to The CareGivers by contract of trust that may provide annual income to you and others in your name. This gift can reduce your taxable estate and the capital gains tax on appreciated assets. Please contact us for further information and rest assured that your discussion regarding your gift intentions are held in strict confidence.

Income to The CareGivers Through a Gift to Your Heirs

A gift to The CareGivers can provide us with annual income for an indefinite period of time. At the end of this period, the assets are passed to the named beneficiaries. This method will transfer assets to heirs at reduced estate-tax levels. Further information may be obtained by contacting us and please be assured that your discussion will be held in strict confidence regarding your gift.